The Perfect Gold Diamond Pendant

“Diamonds are girls best friends” 



Who does not love diamonds? I have not met a woman who ever admitted that she does not like Black diamonds! Likewise, many men across the globe have started to step in the world of jewelry, even though most religions restrict men from wearing gold, but men will be men, they opt for the silver instead.

 History of Diamonds

Additionally, diamonds are known for their colors and light density. Historically they were used as gems, they have been used in jewelry, especially engagement rings.

Moreover, before diamonds were found sapphire, rubies and emeralds were used.It is because of the unique properties that diamonds have been given the title of most valuable stone.



Gold is the best of the metals, it is the king of metals indeed. The scientific symbol for gold is Au. In its purest form gold is soft, reddish yellow and ductile.

It is thought that gold is as old as 4 billion years, it has been present since the beginning of time. Gold is in the mantle and crust of the Earth.

History of Gold

Dating back to the old time, it is found that gold has been precious metal for ages. Probably because of its distinctive qualities gold was used in coinage, jewelry and in thorns.

Only rich people including Kings and Queens used to own gold back then. Poor was given a gold coin as a reward only.

The specialty of gold makes it outstanding, its resistance to most acids, weather, and corrosion. Gold is one of the best metals found on Earth.

Gold Diamond Pendant

Gold Diamond Pendant

Firstly, the combination of the worlds most precious elements is mind blogging. One can not simply resist the Gold diamond pendant. However, the price is the only factor that could stop you.

Secondly, these pricey pendants are supposedly rare kind of jewelry, but still, women all over the world are going crazy for them.

Presumably, Gold diamond pendants can be presented to your loved one as a gift. A pendant could be given to them as a birthday, valentines day or anniversary gift.

Furthermore, either way, they are accepted with love and gratitude. Why not gift the women you love to show them how much you adore them?

Gold Diamond Pendant With Descriptions

There is a variety of gold diamond pendants in the market and most of the people buy them through walk in stores since it’s less risky than online buying of the diamonds.

Even though fewer people buy from online stores, still there are several stores online are selling the diamonds along with original cards.

In my opinion, you should not trust any online seller until unless the site is trust worthy. And only send the payment in cash on the door, never use credit cards because most of the monetary data is lost to the hackers.

Solitaire Gold Diamond Pendant  14 k 

Gold Diamond Pendant


This spectacular solitaire diamond gold pendant is beautifully cut and studded. You can wear this pendant on a wedding day of your relatives as well as on yours. Sparkling gold chain stands out of the box when wore with a dull red dress.

Pendant Information

Stock number:   60538
Metal:                    14k Yellow Gold
Clasp:                    Lobster claw clasp
Chain length:     18.0 inches
Chain Type:        Cable Chain 

Diamond Information

Number of center round diamonds:       1

Minimum karat total weight:                   0.96

The Minimum color:                                    I

Minimum clarity:                                         I 1
Setting type:                                                  Prong setting


Gold Diamond Pendant Princess-Cut

DescriptionGold Diamond Pendant Princess-Cut

Mean while, classically elegant, this cable chain diamond necklace features a striking princes’s diamond pendant set in 14 k yellow gold.

Pendant Information

Stock number:         60583
Metal:                          14k Yellow Gold
Clasp:                          Lobster claw clasp
Chain length:           18.0 inches
Chain Type:              Cable Chain

Gold Pendant 

Gold Pendant 

From PANDORA’s signature, gold snake chain necklace with the brand’s iconic barrel logo clasp to delicate gold anchor chain necklaces adjustable to three or four different lengths and finished with a lobster clasp.

Precious and solid 14 ct gold necklaces are luxurious carriers of pendants and charms, or simple signatures when worn alone.

Layer together with a mix of metals or style solo for an understated look of luxe.

Top quality, Pandora necklaces of 14 karats yellow gold gives a luxurious and always attractive look to any woman’s wardrobe.

Made of gold extracted from 14k white gold ethical sources, certified and free of conflict, a set of gold from Pandora is an ethical and sustainable choice,


If You liked this article and if you have any concerns regarding the gold diamond pendant please do let us know so we could help you.


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