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“My mother says I didn’t open my eyes for eight days after I was born, but when I did, the first thing I saw was an engagement ring. I was hooked.”
Elizabeth Taylor

Importance of engagement ring:

An engagement ring is a sign of a commitment or promise to keeping a healthy and long lasting relationship between two partners. It is also a symbol that a person is no longer available for anyone especially woman in general. However,  keeping in mind this brutal fact that offering an engagement ring to a woman is extremely important especially in an American culture.

History and Traditions:

French people were the first to make this engagement ring as a symbol of love between two. In the sixteenth century, these French people invented Grimmal Black Diamond rings which contained a slight tilt of gold.

The main purpose of this Grimmal ring was that a groom and bride have to wear these rings before marriage and as soon as they got married. The groom was supposed to remove his ring and fit it on the finger of his bride. So this tradition tells that a bride has to wear both rings as a symbol of promise.

In this article, you will find out the about the various varieties of heavenly amazing three stone engagement rings which you would not hesitate to get one for your loved ones!

Three stone engagement ring:

These rings are one of the dazzling fashion you can decide! Three stone engagement ring is ideal for the woman who desires a striking ring with a lot of glints. They are strong and abiding and fit any diamond figure that she may aspire.

Three stone engagement ring in yellow gold:

However, it is a bit complicated to decide on choosing a ring in white gold or yellow gold. The majority prefer platinum and white gold as an engagement ring.
Most of the celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Angelina Julie, Scarlet Johnson selected their engagement ring in yellow gold which looked so fine on their hands.

Diamond frame Halo ring:

This type of rings look gorgeous and have an extra row of diamond onto them with the bigger diamond in the middle. If someone is looking for such multi row fashioned engagement ring, I suggest getting this one because they are easy to carry.

Emerald cut halo ring:

If someone is looking for sophisticated vintage enthused engagement ring than this emerald cut diamond ring is best for keeping their desires on fleek. This ring has a huge diamond on top which looks amazingly beautiful.

Princess cut cluster engagement ring:

This is the most common type of ring as its shape looks awesome in contemporary channels. This ring contains four diamond in a row on one ring which looks more like a diamond squad. The sparkle and the shape of diamonds placed on point give perfection to the ring if you are looking for a great engagement ring!

Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring:.
Engagement ring

Three stone diamond engagement ring is such a mind blowing!. This ring is fundamentally a Diamond Solitaire with two corresponding smaller diamonds on each elevation of the core diamond.  This ring is essential for the bigger occasions such as wedding anniversary or engagement and stuff.

 Three stone engagement ring with side stones:

The side stone engagement ring looks sensational among all! In this type of ring, you can go with emeralds, blue or pink sapphires, gold, diamonds, black diamonds, platinum and colorful gold. So basically this function of the ring make you in love with your ring and your partner more and more!.
Moreover, you can get this ring from any diamond jewelry outlet or Ebay online.

Promise rings:

If your relationship means everything to you where you and your partner are building and planning heavenly future together. A promise ring would be essential reminder and helper for you both! This promise ring is also known as pre engagement ring. If you and your partner have planned thousand of years together and want to cherish love and care for each other a promise ring is a heavenly ring which helps you to achieve your love life goals. Moreover, this ring can also be found in any shape and style you want.

Fun facts about engagement ring:

  • It’s a tradition of Egyptians that engagement ring is to be worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because according to them this finger it contained a vein which led to the heart.
  • Research shows that 28% would reject the proposal of a man if the ring is not attractive to them.
  • Most of the engagement rings are bought in December because this is the most likely month to get engaged and for big celebrations.
  • According to old traditions, a man I suppose to buy an engagement ring from his 2-3 month salary on the ring of his bride to be.
  • In past, the engagement rings were used as a signature of financial commitment between two families.
  • Famous celebrity Paris Hilton got one of the most expensive ring worth $4.7 million as her engagement evidence.

    Famous Brands of Engagement Ring:

    Below are some rings from the luxurious and famous brand:

    Harry and Wilson:

    It’s the brand which every girl dream about!. They have quality diamonds in their rings which you won’t regret to purchase as a part of your big day!. They have unique styles in rings even you can appreciate its sophistication.

    Tiffany & Co:

    They have innovative ideas in the making and creation of engagement rings. All of the Tiffany rings have bigger and huge diamonds and if you are willing to get a bigger diamond ring in general, go for Tiffany and Co.


    People from royal families and celebrities mostly use the rings from this brand. This brand is also known as “King of Jewelers”. Moreover, these rings are highly luxurious, styled and charming. They are making engagement rings since 1895.

    De Beers:

    This brand has a huge hold on diamond jewelry market. They have rings which are essential for a girl who is ready for commitment. De Beers rings are mostly sparkling.


    This is most economical jewelry brand which contains antique and handcrafted jewelry. Their rose gold collection is just amazing!. Moreover they mostly have a huge center stone which makes any girl fall in love with you.


    They have classy rings so far which is according to trend. Chanel rings are usually modem and stand out in the crowd because they have fancy cut which looks elegant and classic!


    Versace ring is one of the most antique and modern looks which fits perfectly and looks elegant among all of your jewelry combined!. To be very honest Versace is one of my favorite brands too!

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