The Charm Of Antique Diamond Rings

“Even The Diamonds Start Out As Coal”

antique diamond rings

History Of Antique Diamonds

Antique Diamond Ring  the word is created from a Greek word Adamas which means unbeatable and durable. Diamond is the most precious crystal in the world. The unique physical quality of this gem makes it the most valuable crystal in the whole world.

First ever diamond to be found was a young 15-year-old boy.  Name of the boy who found the diamond was Erasmus Stephan’s Jacobs in 1867. That diamond was found near a river called Orange River and its name was Eureka diamond Moreover it weighs about 4.125 grams (21.25 karats).

Diamond has many purposes whether industrial or jewelry diamond plays a vital role due to its qualities. As the diamond gets older and antique its price gets higher. Now a day’s people prefer antique diamond rings as they are more beautiful and unique.

1920s Engagement Rings

Rings made from diamonds in the 1920s are referred to antique diamond rings nowadays. In the older time period of 90s people’s sense of fashion and style was different.

1920s engagement rings were far more different from engagement rings made in the 21st century as you can see the comparison made in the picture below.

antique diamond rings

These 1920s engagement rings have a higher price today in the fashion market. However for those people who can’t afford to buy these antique diamond rings replicas are also available.

Replica of these rings is just as same in appearance as the original ones, however, the only difference is the price is very low and the quality is poor.

These antique 1920s rings are perfect for these special occasions such as engagements because they are a perfect example of glamour. If you want to impress your girl you must buy her one of these beautiful 90s engagement rings.

Uses Of Diamonds

There are many purposes of diamonds following are some of them.


As the diamond is the world’s hardest, strongest and durable gem it is used for cutting, grinding, and polishing. Diamond dust is used in the diamond polishing wheel for sleek less polishing. These gems are also fitted in the grinder for cutting other stones.


As diamond is very inflexible material. They can actually increase the sound quality of speakers.


Diamonds are now days used in making of the window due to its hardness and they are well resistant to heat.


Antique diamonds rings are the most common products made from old diamonds. Diamond enhances the beauty of one’s appearance. Above all, they can fit with any casual wear.

Further uses of diamond in future

Diamonds are thought to be used for surgical tools and other therapeutic devices.

Colored Diamond Rings

There are different colors in diamonds such as blue diamonds, black diamonds and the yellow ones prices differ in each color.

Some couples prefer black diamond rings more than yellow or any other color due to its attractive looks, however, every color is attractive but for some people black is the most favorite one.

black diamond ring

Black color means the power, authority, and strength which could also be a big reason for the high demand of these black diamond rings. Coming towards the next big thing, the blue diamond rings.

Blue diamond is a symbol of action, passion, and energy. These blue diamond rings belong to a sub category of fancy colored diamonds

blue diamond ring

In gemology, the blue diamond ring is categorized under the hue zone as there are three zones for color in geology the saturation, hue and the tone.

However, after a research, it has been sentenced that the color of this diamond is blue due to the trace amount of boron that contaminates the lettuce structure of diamond.

Blue diamonds have a high demand due to the clarity and might have a high value due to this reason. Blue diamond mine is recently found in India and its name is a collar mine of the diamond.

The name of the most famous blue diamond was hope diamond which was found in India in the collar mine. It was stolen in 1762 from the French Crown Jewels during the French Revolution and was lost somewhere. Hence it can be called antique diamond.

Yellow diamond symbolizes love and joy it is also called canary diamond. Yellow diamond rings have become a part of glamour as it is more preferred by women’s for engagement.

It is a perfect symbol for a lasting marriage this is the biggest reason why people buy yellow diamond rings for weddings

yellow diamond ring



Engagement Rings

Engagement is incomplete without a ring. A beautiful antique diamond ring would make the engagement ceremony more beautiful. This ring represents a bond between 2 individuals that they are to be together forever which is kind of cute, isn’t it?

Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage engagement rings are found more romantic and charming for engagements. Common vintage engagement rings could be more than 30 to 50 years old which makes them a part of antique diamond rings.


A genuine vintage ring can only be the ones older than the 1950s try looking for them. Look down for some of the most eye catching rings.

Georgian engagement rings are the styles of engagement rings which are truly unique as they were made before the time of mass production.

The art deco engagement ring this style of ring has different geometrical cuts which make it more beautiful and attractive to eyes. These rings are the simplest yet most beautiful.

Edwardian engagement rings are the most romantic rings as the romance between the loving partners are more prominent. These rings come along with rose-cut diamonds.

What Could Be The Reason Behind The Outstanding Appearance Of These Vintage Rings?

The reason why they are so beautiful is that the gem in these rings is not placed in the center rather than this they are placed on the sides too. They are beautifully crafted and aligned on the ring.

One thing that you will notice about the vintage rings is that they are different from modern rings these antique diamond rings are mostly in colored diamonds.

The reason behind these rings being colored is that in the older time colored diamonds were more preferred.


One thing you must have to take a serious notice that the ring you are about to buy is an original vintage ring as these rings have carbon copy too.

When you are buying these expensive engagement rings make sure that you take all the complete documents along these rings. You must consult a professional jewelry checker who clears about the 4cs (karat, color, clarity, and cut) first.

What Could Be The Benefits Of Wearing Diamond Jewelry?

Diamond customers can change the trade of diamond. As Canada is the world’s largest supplier of diamonds and about 10 million people work under this diamond industry.

A single customer’s change in demand for a diamond can change the life style of people as the industry is very small and connected.

These gems are also thought to have some spiritual benefits. Diamonds are the toughest stone to break yet the strongest of all astrology says the one who wears these diamonds can have these qualities in him.

Diamonds are not just for special occasions but these precious stones have become part of our daily outfits. They are a plus point to women’s beauty and dressing.

However, diamonds are the only thing in jewelry that fits with almost every dress which is I guess the biggest advantage of diamond jewelry one can die for.

The biggest or you can simply say the priceless benefit of diamonds is that they can save memories. Talking about women’s, don’t you look at your diamond ring and just get stuck in the moment and thousands of memories wander in your head?

Don’t you look and remember the time when he proposed you? I am sure every woman knows about this feeling.

I am sure everyone wants to know some interesting facts about diamonds. Continue reading till the end peeps!

Exciting Facts About Diamonds And Diamond Rings

  • Diamonds were believed to be Gods tears by Greeks and Romans.
  • Diamonds can release aggressive nature and bad status.
  • It can help prevent sexual diseases.
  • These gems are more than billion years old some of them can be more than 3 billion years old.
  • Diamonds are formed in 100 miles below from earth’s crust. However, they are carried to earth’s crust by volcanic eruptions.
  • Another name for diamond was Adamas which is a Greek name meaning of this name is invincible or imperishable.
  • These gems are so strong and tough that nothing in the world can cut diamond other than diamond itself.
  • Diamond was thought to have healing properties.
  • A fact about wearing engagement ring in the ring finger is that there is a vein that is directly connected to the heart.
  • The first ever made ring with diamond took place in 1477 when Archduke of Austria gave a gold ring with diamonds featuring M to Mary of Burgundy.
  • Diamonds can also be made in labs with modern technology. Above all, not even the professional geologists can tell the difference between the mind and lab created diamonds.

Who don’t love diamonds? Just try to avoid fraud while buying diamonds. I hope this article has many important things you should consider before buying these gems. Diamond makes things more special and everyone is special, buy your loved one a beautiful antique diamond ring.



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